AIR THANLWIN Holding Company Ltd. was established in February 2014, and bought the shares of Yangon Airways Company, which has been flying over 23 years without any accident and incident. It then reformed its board of directors with replacement of competent ones. On the 1st October 2019 Yangon Airways is renamed after its mother holding company's name - AIR THANLWIN. Under new brand name, AIR THANLWIN resumes its operations of scheduled and charter services to all commercial and tourist destinations from Yangon hub regularly and punctually to the satisfaction of tourist s and local passengers.


AIR THANLWIN adopts a progressive approach for upgrading service and performance. Maintaining our fleet to the highest standards of operational readiness, safety and reliability is always high on the agenda of AIR THANLWIN. We strongly believe that by taking a greater sense of responsibility in serving our passengers, we will earn their trust and confidence.


Golden Hintha, legendary royal bird, is well depicted in the logo in the finest artistic design with its left leg off the ground, in dignified posture about to fly. Hintha, in the stories of Buddha Jataka and Myanmar fables, stands for courageousness, faithfulness, wisdom and royal. Orange, white, purple, green and gold colours in the logo are also unique and worthy of attention. In astrology it is believed that combination of these colours brings about healthy, wealthy and prosperity for the company and all the passengers alike.

The Fleet

AIR THANLWIN operates two ATR72-212 and two ATR72-212A (500)series, powered by Pratt & Whitney engines and fitted with sate-of-the-art avionics system. The aircraft have an impressive exterior and appealing interior, a highly efficient performance and extra quiet operating condition. They are configured to carry 70 passengers. AIR THANLWIN aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of airworthiness requirements.


AIR THANLWIN employs highly qualified flight and cabin crew as well as ground service and maintenance staff. AIR THANLWIN employees are thoroughly trained, both in-house and abroad, prior to active duty.

AIR THANLWIN pilots constantly keep up their level of competency with simulator and flight training under supervision of qualified flight instructors. Engineers also update their knowledge and expertise by attending training courses, technical seminars and operator's conference.

Training programmers for in-flight staff are designed to meet the objectives of our service policy. Our skilled in-flight staff with their charming personalities, courteous attitudes and traditional Myanmar hospitality, will make your journey a most joyful experience.

Service Philosophy

AIR THANLWIN embraces the Myanmar philosophy that one's kindness and affection will be reflected to oneself. Sincerity, politeness and honesty are unique attributes of the Myanmar people.

Passengers are the most important persons for us. We are for the passengers and we will give them the most courteous treatment. We are sensitive to the feelings and needs of our passengers. We are proud of our airlines and expect our passengers will also take pride in travelling with AIR THANLWIN.


AIR THANLWIN believes that efficient communication is an essential component of the modern world environment. Better transportation will bring about the smoother flow of traffic and will contribute to the development of the economic and social well-being of the society in which we live. We shall serve our society and be worthy of earning fair reward from it.


Our mission is to continuously strive to improve and expand; to offer our customers safety, reliability and highest possible service at lowest possible cost; and to generate necessary profit for the development of our company.